Introducing MinerOne OS (BETA)
New Mining OS to

An easy to use, mining platform built with next generation solutions.

Let's go, try out!
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All the tools you'll need

The dream of the MinerOne team is to create an epic easy to use system

  • Auto Overclocking

    MinerOne sets your overclocks automatically to get the best hashrate with stability. But you can overclock manually too.

  • Inspectional mining

    Our system comes with a uniquely programmed A.I. service. These services keep an eye on your rig, fine tuning, rebooting and self-healing.

  • Schedulable presets

    You can select what coin to mine on which worker and create unlimited presets and schedules.

No monitor needed
MinerOne OS is able to run without a connected monitor or dummy

Easy rig setup
Just download and flash disk image, enter your email address in edit-this-file.txt and mine.

Auto card detection
During the first install, system is inspecting your pci slots and detect your graphics cards.

Run in RAM
MinerOne OS partially runs in RAM for avoiding software malfunctions. Every boot is a fresh start.

Latest updates
Your rig will get the newest updates automatically. MinerOne OS contains the latest drivers and miners.

Easy to install
Download OS disk image file, flash, edit config file, then turn on your rig. At least a 8 GB USB 3 flash drive is recommended.

Watchdog and Muscle
Reboot on hash rate drop in case of driver error and reboot above critical temperatures.

Detailed card statistics
You can see the current temperature, frequencies, wattage and fan speed for each card.

Instant notifications
Notifications with different severity. You will get them on dashboard and/or email too.

Coin based OC (under active development)
Just select a coin which you would like to mine. MinerOne OS will set the best OC configuration for it.

Auto Profit / Coin switching (under active development)
Always mine the most profitable coin based on rig hash rate with automated presets.


Everything is on dashboard. You can download MinerOne OS, deploy rig, create mining presets. Follow these three quick steps.

Go to Dashboard
  1. 1

    Sign up and Log in to Dashboard

    You can reach dashboard on

  2. 2

    Download and flash

    On Dashboard you can download .iso image of the OS. Flash it to an USB drive, put into your rig and boot up.

  3. 3

    Start mining

    On Dashboard you can choose pre-defined presets or create custom ones. Select one and start mining with your newly deployed rig.

Why MinerOne OS?

MinerOne OS is built by miners for miners. We would like to take the greatest all-in-one system to your hands with lots of cool features for a better and more professional crypto mining.


In addition to support you will receive lifetime updates including new contents and bug-fixes.

Supported miners

With latest version updates

Freemium within the blockchain

MinerOne uses it’s own blackchain credit balance system. So, we charge a monthly system usage "fee" in crypto currency. You can top-up your credit balance with mined coins. We never use standard (USD, EUR, ...) currencies. We only use blockchain tokens for fees.



*USD equivalent coin per month

Start using for free
  • Unlimited Rigs
  • Unlimited Presets
  • Profit calculation
  • System updates
  • Manual overclocking

*USD equivalent coin per month

Get 3 credit gift
  • Unlimited Rigs
  • Unlimited Presets
  • Profit calculation
  • System updates
  • Manual overclocking
  • Auto overclocking
  • Mining calendar
  • Scheduled Presets
  • Inspectional mining




Dark mode

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay system usage fee using credit card or debit card?

No, no one. We do not use conventional money. You can use crypto-currencies, for example ETH or BTC.

How can I start using MinerOne OS?

Just Sign up and Log in to Dashboard, and follow the instructions on it.

Is MinerOne OS ASIC compatible?

Not yet. MinerOne OS supports mining with desktop PC (graphics cards mining) only.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No! The beauty of our service is that you can cancel anytime you need to.

Does MinerOne provide any guarantee or warranty?

MinerOne OS comes with absolutely no warranty, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

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