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    Introducing MinerOne

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    BETA released

Professionals and Beginners

MinerOne provides next generation software, even if you are a professional miner or a beginner.

Personal mining Assistant

Our goal is to create an all-in-one system, that will help you assisting your mining career.

Keep the BlockChain alive

The network requires compute units of miners. We're working hard on a system that makes computers more reliable and profitable.


The dream of MinerOne development team is to create an epic, easy to use system. Mining has never been this easy before.

Easy to deploy

Easy to Deploy

Just write an image file to the USB drive and put in your rig and start it. Auto detect feature will recognise your rig automatically.

Cards & details

You can see cards of your rig with live statistics, performances, OC targets, current operations sorted by PCI slot! Heh, yeah!


Schedulable Presets

Presets are combined mining configuration for rigs. With presets you can easily switch between mined coins. Presets are schedulable and you can manage your timesheet in calendar.


MinerOne inform you when something happened. Every notifications will come with severity. Info notifications are blue, warnings are yellow, errors are red.

Easy to deploy

Earnings calculation

We get this statistics from the pools associated with your active mining presets. These are a summarised values.

Understanding fees, why is it beneficial?


Fair, because both Pro and beginner miners pay relatively, determined by their system usage. Beginners tend to have 3-5 cards while Pros have 8 cards per rig. This is the reason why we use per card fee system.

Even-handed, because effectively, you are using our system only when your Rig is mining. Fees are only paid after working cards!

Precise, because we charge 0.0007 credits hourly, per working (mining) card


fees in credits

The fee of running MinerOne is 0.0007 credits for each working (mining) card per hour.



3 credits

$3 This three credits enough for one month mining with a 6 card’s Rig.
  • ? Pay via BTC
  • ? Pay via ETH
  • ? Pay via ZEC
  • ? Pay via XMR
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15 credits

$14 Buy 14 credits and get plus 1 for free. Value
  • ? Pay via BTC
  • ? Pay via ETH
  • ? Pay via ZEC
  • ? Pay via XMR
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50 credits

$44 Buy 44 credits and get plus 6 for free. Best Value
  • ? Pay via BTC
  • ? Pay via ETH
  • ? Pay via ZEC
  • ? Pay via XMR
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The fees are not contain miner program and pool fees. We billing only 0.0007 credit / working (mining) card / hour ;)

Research & Development

We working hard on these software solutions



Apps everywhere

We would like to release our Dashboard app for iOS, MacOS, TvOS, WatchOS, Android and Windows.


Cloud mining

If you would like, make your rigs rentable on Dashboard.


Deploy on cloud VPS

Make MinerOne OS installable on cloud VPS instances via command line.




BIG data based configs

Collect and recalculate configuration datas to serve the best results.



Admin Dashboard to manage your rigs


MinerOne OS

Mining Operation System



2017 Q4
BETA softwares

We would like to research and develop easy to use mining platforms and publish for BETA testing.

2018 Q1
Activating all features

Our system have massive features in a background. We want to surprise the world with a software that can bring innovation to the crypto-area.

2018 Q4
Everything in One

We will develop our own miners, coins and pools to make everything all in MinerOne!

San Francisco and
stock exchange

We plan to have a place in the valley in 2019 and our goods can be traded on stock exchanges.

Would You like to help developments?

Every small amount will help us to create the best product for you!


or contact with us

BETA Released

Dear miners, we released BETA softwares. MinerOne Dashboard and MinerOne OS are available for use, but please note these are in BETA tier.
Just nVidia compatible OS released now, we working hard on AMD compatible version.

At your first registration, we will give you three credit
(approximately = one month usage with a rig have 6 cards)

Try out and test

BETA means: An early version of a program or application that contains most of the major features, but is not yet complete. Sometimes these versions are released only to a select group of people, or to the general public, for testing and feedback.

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